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Frost Bite by KayleighBPhotography

I am really in love with the idea behind this photo and would love to know how you achieved the glittery effect! It suits the title of the piece and you can see what you were trying to achieve. I don't know how I would critique your make up skills as you're much better than me, but I can give some pointers as to how to make the photo a bit sharper.

Bear in mind, I started this critique before investigating how long you've been taking photos, or what your other shots are like, so bear with me! The lighting is really nice, I wouldn't change that about this piece. I'm not too sure if your Coolpix has many manual settings, but you can play with them a bit to make the photo less blurry. If it was quite dark, try putting the camera on a tripod and sitting really still. Also experiment with how close you can get to objects before the camera has an issue with focusing on the image, none of this picture is quite in focus. If you can change any of the settings manually, try a faster shutter speed. It will reduce the amount of shaking and make your image a little bit sharper!

I'm sorry if this seems a bit patronising, but I thought I'd comment on what I'd do to improve the shot!
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KayleighBPhotography Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Professional Photographer
Dw Your Totally Right, Sadly I Have No Manual Settings. And When I Was Taking Them The Shutter Speed Was Going Awfully Slow, Well Unusually Slow And I Don't Know Why.. Which Ruined Some Good Pictures Because Of The Blurriness.. Also I Have Tried To See How Close I Could Get It Before It Had A Problem Lol.. So Really The Problem Is The Fact My camera Has No Manual Settings Which Is A Shame :/ Thank You So Much For The Critique And!!! I Never Thought Of Using The Tripod :) Maybe I'll Try That Next Time And Ive Been Taking Photos Since 2008 (Just In Case You Wanted To Know) I Am Trying To Be Better, But Seriously You Haven't Patronized Me At All :) I Quite Enjoyed It As Its My First Critique :) So Thank Yoooou! ( So The Solution Is To Maybe Check The Camera Instructions In Case I Can Change Stuff, If Not Use Tripod... And Eventually Get A Better Camera Haha)
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